My ADHD Diagnosis at 37 years old

Yesterday I saw a Neuropsychologist who did a battery of tests on me- and told me I had ADHD but she needed to review some other things and discuss it all with me in 2 weeks. 

This apt. Took 6 hours. 

Here is my home– the cleanest it ever gets- after my husband has been working tirelessly over the weekend to get things somewhat organized. 

I have been undiagnosed for 37 years- 

I was driven to seek help because I could not move from the couch to do a single dish. Even though I desperately wanted the house to be clean. Even though I loathed myself for it. It took me three days and a friend coming over before I did one- and it was such a relief when it was done! 

And then no function again until there was a strong sense of urgency. 

Then I saw this video on YouTube. Pop some popcorn and enjoy.
And then I realized that I might not be a loser. My family and children need me to seek help. I can’t survive like this anymore. Too much is at stake now. (The people I love. My 4 young children. I needed help for their sakes.) 
This is the beginning of my journey- I hope to share it so that other people who are missing a sliver of their brain- like I am- can find help! And a friend! And someone with whom you can relate. Cheers all!! 


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