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ADHD Mom Pro Tips! 

I am as yet unmedicated- I have been surviving motherhood thus far on sheer desperation and grit! (Haha!!) 
If you are looking for some tips to help a totally unmotivated mother survive kids- here are some of mine! 

1. Winter socks!!! They make me crazy. Sandals in summer help a lot with the laundry but winter socks?!?! No! I can’t deal. Here is my solution. 

Expensive but worth it. Wash at least once a winter. They smell to high heaven but at least the kids’ feet are warm!

2. Dishes: just no. I won’t do them. So I no longer rinse first.  If the “dishwasher” can’t wash it then it just gets run again. I throw it all in- hardened food or you name it! Wash always on heavy cycle. Repeat for the stubborn dishes. 

3. Laundry. Why does laundry never happen?!? My pro tip: buy a home with the washing machine easily accessible on an average day. Preferably one you see and walk by multiple times a day. (because out of sight out of mind!) but even if you can’t do that….. 

  •      Wash everything on cold all together
  • Teach your kids as young as 6 to do Their own laundry. (Do it with them of course!) 
  • Always super loads
  • Get a folding board so your kids can fold and put away their own. 
  • Toss/store boxes next to the washing machine 
  • The homeroutines app- I get no money from them whatsoever. But it has changed my life. (well it did for 4 months. I will start using it again when I get medication to get back into habits.) put everything into it!! Make it your own and check off every single routine you have to accomplish including showering and makeup and “lay out clothes for tomorrow” and you name it! 
  • Also: this one is huge. The “OurPact app” if you are addicted to a device. Have a friend or spouse set it up for you. Have the same friend or spouse change your iTunes or google play password so that you can’t access your addictions. (Put homeroutines on a different device- on a stand- in your kitchen. And make the device never fade or go to battery saver so you can see it always.) 
  • Huge family calendar. Must must use and look at every day. It is your brain and working memory for big details. 
  • Lastly: always start yourself “moving” by doing an enjoyable task. For me that’s taking a much needed and cherished shower. I can always talk myself into one- and it forces me to do other tasks: get dressed, deodorant, bra.. and if I use the momentum from those tiny tasks I can often start the dishes or begin another task too! 

This is how I have survived so far in life. I just got diagnosed yesterday. Also: go easy on yourself. You are doing great! Reading this is something (procrastinatingly) productive. It’s better than free cell or clash of clans or YouTube. You have got today!  Comment me some of your ADHD pro tips!! I need all the help I can get too! 


My ADHD Diagnosis at 37 years old

Yesterday I saw a Neuropsychologist who did a battery of tests on me- and told me I had ADHD but she needed to review some other things and discuss it all with me in 2 weeks. 

This apt. Took 6 hours. 

Here is my home– the cleanest it ever gets- after my husband has been working tirelessly over the weekend to get things somewhat organized. 

I have been undiagnosed for 37 years- 

I was driven to seek help because I could not move from the couch to do a single dish. Even though I desperately wanted the house to be clean. Even though I loathed myself for it. It took me three days and a friend coming over before I did one- and it was such a relief when it was done! 

And then no function again until there was a strong sense of urgency. 

Then I saw this video on YouTube. Pop some popcorn and enjoy.
And then I realized that I might not be a loser. My family and children need me to seek help. I can’t survive like this anymore. Too much is at stake now. (The people I love. My 4 young children. I needed help for their sakes.) 
This is the beginning of my journey- I hope to share it so that other people who are missing a sliver of their brain- like I am- can find help! And a friend! And someone with whom you can relate. Cheers all!!